Weight Loss and Wellness

Weight Loss and Nutrition Counseling


Have you tried fad diets, meal replacement programs and commercial weight loss programs with disappointing results?

There is only one healthy way to lose body fat and decrease your risk factors for diabetes and heart disease and that is to change your nutritional lifestyle.  The Lifestyle Nutrition Program can help you to:

Lower Cancer & Heart Disease Risks
Lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides
Lower Blood Pressure
Control Blood Sugar, Hunger & Cravings
Elevate Mood & Stamina

We base our nutritional advice on your medical / nutritional needs and lifestyle.

With state of the art Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and the Lifestyle Nutrition Program Dr. Rakus will determine your percentage of body fat and lean muscle mass and basal metabolic rate.  Based on this information, as well as your personal medical history, lifestyle preferences, nutritional or medical goals, you will receive a customized nutritional program which includes individualized meal plans and exercise guidelines.  This physician monitored counseling program will help you reach your weight loss goals and decrease your risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.  You will learn how to eat real food for a lifetime of good health.

On your first visit you can be provided with a Lifestyle Nutrition Program and menu that you can understand and will fit into your hectic life. In only a few moments, we share with you the entire program:

•       Your desired number of meals
•       Size of your meals
•       Your goal weight
•       Your metabolic rate
•       Your rate of weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance
•       Your exercise choices (if cleared by your physician)

Weekly counseling sessions with Dr. Rakus will monitor your progress and provide support on your journey to better health!